Ledger Directory

By Kerrah

About these Scrolls

For many years now, exiles have been able to teach others in the ways of trainers whose lessons they have mastered. These scrolls are an effort to document these achievements as best as possible. Some of the exiles who have obtained training ledgers are either no longer in the lands or are unwilling to publicly reveal their training accomplishments. Others, regretfully, have been relegated to the library for so long that although they have qualified to train others, they have not been able to escape from the library long enough to inform anyone of their achievements.

ooc: These pages are dedicated to publishing ledger holders from the online roleplaying game, Clan Lord. If you're unfamiliar with this game, please visit Clan Lord's Web site and consider trying it out. Some of the information in the following pages is borrowed heftily from the site that Farhope had maintained; other information has been given to me since her last update. If you have further information regarding ledgers, please either private message me via the Clan Lord Sentinel, or see me in the lands.

Thank you, and enjoy!



6/12/10: Added ledger for Althea.

6/9/10: Added ledger for Kurumi.

6/6/10: Added ledgers for Galadriel, Haffron, and Largo.

5/16/10: Added ledger for Naughty Rambler.

5/10/10: Added ledger for Super Chicken.

5/6/10: Added ledger for Loco.

5/5/10: Added ledgers for Krazor and Talin.

5/4/10: Added ledgers for Ajah, Alces, Angadol, and Aryton.

5/2/10: Added ledgers for Cecil, Daimoth, Gandor Durin, Grog, Hel, Jenna, Kirara, Shadrock , and Quinix .

12/1/09: Added ledger for Ragi.

11/27/09: Added new image for Math. Added ledgers for Gurgi, Fresleven, Kei, Mehan, and Mujin-kun. Completed the move to the new site. Many thanks to Wangah Rah for letting me use his bandwidth, and Noivad for helping me with all my issues.

8/29/09: Added ledgers for Chialo.

8/11/09: Added Ghrr to Trillbane Pathfinders page.

8/6/09: Added ledgers for Puffy and Puffy-b.

8/5/09: Added Calil to Trillbane Pathfinders page.

8/4/09: Added ledger for Tebara.

8/3/09: Added Connie Crete to Trillbane Pathfinders page. 

8/2/09: Added ledgers for Aryton and Boodles.

7/30/09: Added ledgers for Baker's Man, Cecil, Gurgi, Horusimus, NaaI, Serv, and Trena. Added Fogtripper, Sarah, and Zeitgeist to Trillbane Pathfinders page. Added Bangus Anmash, a Ranger trainer.

7/28/09: Added ledgers for Aeren, Deanna, Doctor X, Finnein, Fiona, Fresleven, Habbakuk Lal, J'nder, Jenna, Kisa, Kurumi, Largo, Lorikeet, Mana, Manami, Marius, Nes'mll, Overlord, Suu'ub III, and Vanye. Added Baker's Man, Caramel, Desdemona, Kisa, Mujin-kun, Prince Valiant, Shobaffum, Snilmerg, and Theo to Trillbane Pathfinders page. 

11/13/08: Added ledger for Shadrock. Added new image for Kerrah

11/6/08: Added ledgers for Afrit, Althea, Azriel, Daimoth, Gorvin, Lister, Mujin-kun, and Natas. Added Atkia, a new trainer. 

9/29/08: Added ledgers for Azerak, Claynar, Garfield, Lightbringer, and Veridalis. Added images for Myngo and Rahan. Updated some other assorted images. 

9/25/08: Added ledger for Delirium. Added images for Austlyn, Bulgor, Ire, JohnsonLilim, Mazuian, and Remy. Many thanks to Phroon for helping me find several of these images! Updated image for Lard Almighty.  

9/23/08: Added ledgers for J'nder, Nes'mll, Qube, Salt, and Zeitgeist

9/21/08: Added ledgers for Coco, Degu, Rowen, and Shadrock.

9/18/08: Added ledgers for Freckles, Nemesis, and Rowen

9/16/08:  Added images for Ani-Mal, Teddy Salad, Thalion, and Whirl wind. Added bloodmage trainers. Added ledgers for Asmodei, Dandelion, Galvanon, Karanth, Raul, Shadrock, Simple, Sythe, Veridalis, and Xantcha.

6/3/08: Added image for Okei. Added ledgers for FourWinged, Kurumi, Raul, and Wako

5/29/08: Added image for Deanna. Removed Gragnar and Iznogood, as those exiles no longer exist in the lands.

5/23/08: Added ledgers for Aly, Callisto, Deanna, Fenrir, J'nder, Kerrah, Kisa, Koriel Fishbind, Kuudy, Lister, Mieth, Nemesis, Okei, Shiner, Suu'ub III, Thalion, and Warplet. Added new image for Fantasia. Added Deanna, Okei, and Thalion to Missing in Action page. Added Creed, Falinus, Hunter, Kaitlyn, and V'ree to Trillbane page.

3/2/08: Added Lorikeet to Trillbane page.  

2/14/08: Added ledger for Galadriel.

2/12/08: Added ledger for Cecil

2/10/08: Added ledgers for Kuri and Mujin-kun.

2/6/08: Added new image for Sielk (Trillbane only). Added Califas and PureHero to Trillbane page. Added ledgers for Charlos and Califas.  

1/21/08: Added ledger for DeathLord.  

1/20/08: Added ledgers for Haze, Palila, Sumire, and Typhoeus. Added images for Haze and Puffy-T.

1/18/08: Added ledger for Maria

1/16/08: Added ledger for Sala Dragon

1/14/08: Added ledger for Nohurt

1/13/08: Added images for Gina, Hazuki, Jill, Kanna, Kasumi, Kurumi, Loco, Manami, Mikan Z, Mylene, Sumire, Tebara, Torajiro, Tuki, and Warren. Added ledgers for Alchemist, Bach, Baltok, Bast, Chex, Chrono, Daimoth, Drum, Fran, Gina, Kei, Mana, Mei, Mikan Z, Powder, Revelor, Rie, Tansy, Taryn, and Tubaki

12/17/07: Added ledger for Vagile

12/15/07: Added ledger for Anot. Added images for Arocet and Azure

12/14/07: Added ledgers for Brune and Khan. Added images for Alcon, Bungleyed Grok, Chuchan, Lard Almighty, Lark, Pluto, Puffy-R, Samwise, Sauron, Torgon Pisk, and Zhirem

12/13/07: Added images for Ducktape, Fiona, Ga'Ning, Grymhildr, Icy, Lokar, Luce, Lyce, Mouser, Polerand (Classic!), and Yasnaia. Many thanks to Paramedic and Thoomcare, from whence I obtained (stole) these images. Added ledgers for Callisto, DeathLord, Finnein, Lacan, Mephisto, Mr Bojangles, Samwise, Soul Hunter, Talin, Thrund, Vasubandhu, and V'ree.

12/11/07: Added images for Cecil, Eomer, Geraldus, Naferu, Nemesis, Razz, and Veovis. Added ledgers for Bulgatra, Cacey, Endings, Galadriel, Garfield, Jazz, J'jh, Kylex, Manquilor, Myiasis, Noah, Rakshasa, Reisa, Rel'lim, and Skye. Trillbane pathfinders added. Also added generic, but race-and-gender-specific icon images for ledger holders I don't have pics of. Thank you very much to the many exiles who gave me this updated information!

12/10/07: All initial entries added and scrolls posted for general distribution.